SAVANNAH, GA (May 5, 2017) –  Nearly 1,300 people were affected by the latest wave of Operation Rolling Thunder.

Over three days, officers in the Thunder Task Force held nine road checks and conducted many traffic stops for traffic infractions. During the course of the operation,1,299 people received a warning, citation or were arrested.

Operation Rolling Thunder is conducted by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and brings police from across the state together for the common goal of decreasing the number of serious or fatal crashes.  It is the third time it has been conducted in Savannah. The operation, which concluded its third wave of activity over the weekend, cracks down on dangerous driving activities like speeding, distracted driving, seatbelt and child restraint violations and driving under the influence. Georgia State Patrol and Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic (HEAT) officers came to Savannah to assist SCMPD officers in the effort.

During each wave, seatbelt and child restraint violations topped the list of issues. In the latest wave, there were 397 restraint violations. Of those, officers issued 34 seat belt warnings, seven child seat warnings, 289 seat belt citations and 67 child seat citations. All total, there have been 1,131 warnings or citations written for violations involving child seat or seatbelt restraint.

Speeding issues were a close second during each wave. In the latest wave, there were 42 speeding warnings and 161 citations issued. All total, there have been 853 warnings or citations issued for speeding.

The latest wave also included 44 driving under the influence cases, 17 drug arrests, five felony arrests, two fugitive arrests and 23 other arrests.

Operation Rolling Thunder will continue through the summer.


Operation Thunder Three-Day Overview

Seat belt warnings – 34

Seat belt citations – 289

Child seat warnings – 7

Child seat citations – 67

Speeding warnings – 42

Speeding citations – 161

Reckless driving citations – 5

Uninsured warnings – 0

Uninsured citations – 14

DUI citations – 44

Distracted driving citations – 24

Suspended license citations – 27

Other traffic warnings – 200

Other traffic citations – 329

Drug arrests – 17

Felony arrests – 5

Fugitives apprehended – 2

Other arrests – 23