If you carry a handgun when driving it’s usually going to be in the safest place possible – on your person. There will probably be times when you can’t take it with you, such as when entering buildings that don’t allow concealed carry. That’s when you have a decision to make. Do you feel safe locking your gun in the glove box or trunk? The fact is there’s nowhere in a standard automobile that counts as a secure storage space, and if your pistol is stolen from the vehicle you could be held liable in some states.

The best solution is a compact car safe that can be secured to the frame of the vehicle, either permanently or with a locking cable. A good one will protect your handgun against any but the most prepared thief, as well as keeping it out of reach of children.gunsafe2

Many of our current target items in Thefts from Vehicles are firearms. These items area often sold and resold on the black market to criminals to aid in committing other crimes. As part of Downtown Precinct’s Lock It or Lose It campaign, we would like to highly encourage investing in the purchase of a gun safe for your vehicle as well as your home. Remember prevention is focused on safety first!!