Devin LEE

SAVANNAH, GA ( December 29, 2011) Burglars are caught just moments after they burglarize a home on 51st street.  

Just after 3 p.m., Wednesday afternoon police received a call about three men running from a home after breaking into it. The witness gave police a partial tag, description of the vehicle


and suspects. In less than 15 minutes the vehicle was spotted in the 100 Block on Oleander Drive, three men were seen getting out of it, and going into a house. Officers quickly set up a perimeter. Once the house was surrounded, they attempted to make contact with the subjects inside.

The home owner was located, and gave consent for officers to come inside. Two of the three men seen running from the house on 51st was located inside and positively identified. Brandon STEWART, 17 and Devin LEE, 19, were arrested and charged with burglary. Several firearms were recovered as well as a cache of ammunition.