SAVANNAH, GA (May 22, 2017) –  More than 100 people were arrested after being caught in the latest wave of Operation Rolling Thunder.

The operation occurred over a three-day period and resulted in 56 driving under the influence arrests, 24 drug arrests, 8 felony arrests, two fugitive arrests and 33 other arrests. Since the operation began in early May, a total of 97 impaired drivers have been taken off the streets and nine fugitives have been captured.

The goal of Operation Rolling Thunder, a Governor’s Office of Highway Safety program which will run through the summer, is to crack down on dangerous driving behaviors that lead to traffic fatalities and serious injuries.  A task force consisting of Georgia State Patrol troopers and Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic (HEAT) officers have assisted Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department with the efforts.

During the latest wave, officers held 10 road checks and conducted traffic stops for offenses like speeding and distracted driving. They resulted in nearly 1,000 citations and about 400 warnings. Seat belt citations topped the list with 297, followed closely by speeding citations with 269.


Operation Thunder Three-Day Overview

Seat belt warnings – 22

Seat belt citations – 297

Child seat warnings – 8

Child seat citations – 72

Speeding warnings – 52

Speeding citations – 269

Reckless driving citations – 1

Uninsured warnings – 0

Uninsured citations – 14

DUI citations – 56