SAVANNAH, GA (February 3, 2012): A 15-year-old who attempted to set his grandmother’s couch on fire has been charged with eight offenses after also setting fire to a nearby store and trying to break into another this morning.


The teenager was arrested after a foot pursuit with Islands Precinct patrol officers who found him near a Sprint store when they answered a burglar alarm in the 2400 block of Skidaway Drive about 3:45 a.m.


He admitted also setting fire to a trash can next to a boarded-up window at a computer shop in the 3000 block of Skidaway about an hour earlier in what he said was an attempt to break into the store.


His grandmother had reported he had knocked holes in the wall of her apartment and tried to set the sofa on fire earlier in the night.


He has been charged with two counts each of arson, criminal damage to property and attempted burglary and one count each of loitering/prowling and obstruction by fleeing.


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