Release At Will


SAVANNAH, GA (October 22, 2010): A 19-year-old Savannah man has been arrested after the driver of a car he was hijacking escaped by diving out of the moving vehicle.

Antonio Edwin Gadson Jr. has been charged with obstruction of an officer, theft by receiving stolen property, hijacking a motor vehicle, and battery after he lost a footrace with officers who spotted him driving the stolen car Wednesday night.

The charges stem from an incident earlier Wednesday when Gadson and another man accepted a ride from Josh Hymon, 18, at Texas and Connecticut avenues.  While Hymon was driving, Gadson, who was in the back seat, put a gun to his neck. The driver said he jumped out of the moving  2004 Ford Mustang and the car crashed into a ditch, then struck a fence on Dolphin Drive.  He said the two men then drove away in the car.

Shortly after, Neighborhood Task Force  officers saw Gadson driving the Mustang on Skidaway Road. After he saw the officers he exited the vehicle and ran. He was captured after a short footrace.

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