SAVANNAH, GA (December 17, 2015) –The Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department honored dozens of officers and staff members at a Years of Service ceremony on Thursday.

The 53 men and women represent nearly every facet of the police department including patrol officers, investigator, communications officers, special operations personnel, administrative assistants and much more. The ceremony took place at 10:00 a.m. at the SCMPD’s Professional Development Center on Edwin Street.

Chief of Police, Joseph H. Lumpkin, Sr. praised his employees for “doing the heavy lifting” and sticking with the agency during the tough times. “We have so many fine men and women in this department, these are people our community can be proud of and their collective experience and hard work makes Savannah and Chatham County and better and safer place for all of us,” the Chief said.

Below is a breakdown of the 53 employees who will be honored for reaching milestones in their careers:

40 Years of Service: Cpl. Aulmon Giles

35 Years of Service: Lt. Racine Chaney, Ann Lawton

30 Years of Service: Kim Jones, Pamela McKee-Williams, Gladys Myers, and Nickie Stevens

25 Years of Service: Lt. Billy Cunningham, Star Cpl. Bryan Gerber, Cpl. Cecilio Medina, Cpl. Charles Rivera, and Eyvette West

20 Years of Service: Cpl. Eugene Johnson, APO Odarie Gibbs, Gary Taylor, and Stephanie Stafford

15 Years of Service: Lt. Michelle Halford, Cpl. Steven Kohles, Cpl. Robie Walp, APO Jeff Graff, APO Terrance Jackson, APO Sean Sueaquan, Dionne Lloyd, Contina Oswell, and Merlyn Rougier

10 Years of Service: Sgt. Octavio Arango, Sgt. Tiffany Manuel, Cpl. Andrew Arnsdorff, Cpl. Santana Willis, APO Mark Allgaier, APO Glenn Castro, APO Nicholas Melke, APO Brent Minton, APO Jason Pagliaro, Cpl. Kasey Suddath, Lakesha Boyce, Janice Harris, Ashley Piner, April Smith, and Shawna Weathers

5 Years of Service: APO Curtis Carter, APO Mason Hamm, APO Elizabeth Hardy, APO Richard Roop, APO Erica Whitley, APO Richard Wiggins, Patrol Officer Derrick Roberson, Eunicia Baker, Deleah Blake, Faith Croskey, Crystal DelSoldo, Larry Lane, and Teneca Smith