SAVANNAH,GA ( March 20, 2011) Savannah-Chatham Metro Police announce final arrest numbers for St. Patrick’s Festival.

The weather was perfect for the four day celebration and the crowds came out and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day from all around.

Besides the few strange incidents the festival ran pretty smooth according to the commanding officers.

We ended up with a total of 190 arrests. City Market had 154, River Street had 36.

The top five were:

  • Disorderly conduct -27 arrests
  • Public Urination -17 arrests
  • Seatbelt requirements- 13 violations
  • Affray- 9 arrests
  • Public Intoxication -7 arrests  

One last mentionable incident occurred last night just before 11p.m., When Brandon Michael RICE was charged with criminal attempt entering auto, interference with government property and conspiracy to commit a crime.

 This happened after RICE was observed looking into the windows and trying the door handles of patrol cars. He then asked a couple of guys to “look out” while he tried to get into the police cars. The guys he asked to look out for him were undercover GBI officers. RICE was taken into custody and charged appropriately.