Stolen Property

SAVANNAH, GA ( May 4, 2011) A cooperative effort between the Savannah-Chatham Metro Police and a local pawn shop has landed two teenagers in jail, two others are being questions and a large cache of stolen items could be headed back to their owners.

 Detectives from the Islands Precinct were alerted when a suspect was attempting to pawn stolen property. A video was obtained of the transaction. The owners had recorded the serial numbers and were able to provide them to police. The suspect was identified and brought in for questioning. Several other suspects were identified in the string of entering autos that took place between March 1st –May 1st .   

Benjamin Olsen, 17, and Wesley Hood, 18, have been arrested and charged with six entering auto’s at this time. Two more suspects are still working with detectives. A large bag of stolen property has been recovered so far. More property is expected to be returned. The suspects that are working with detectives told them that they rode around the Olde Towne, Buccaneer Trace, Wilmington Park neighborhoods and broke into every car that was left open. 

They described what they are doing as “jerking”. Saying they use their shirt to cover their hands and jerk the handle, if the car is open they enter it and take what they can get. They believe some might not have been reported. Detectives are still working with the two remaining suspect to try and recover more of the stolen property. 

Anyone who has been a victim of an entering auto in these neighborhoods contact Detective Gallagher at 912-525-2358 and make an appointment if you believe some of the stolen property could be yours.