SAVANNAH, GA (September 29, 2017) –  An SCMPD officer is credited with possibly saving a pregnant woman’s life early today after administering an opioid antidote during an apparent overdose.

Sgt. Alycia McLemore responded to a motel on Stephenson Avenue about 12:30 a.m. and discovered a 35-year-old woman, who was visibly pregnant, on the ground outside one of the rooms suffering from what appeared to be an overdose. She was unresponsive at the time. The officer quickly administered her department-issued Narcan nasal spray. Immediately after, the woman began to experience deeper breaths and regained consciousness. EMS transported her to a hospital for further treatment.

“This case is another life-threatening event officers too often witness,” said Police Chief Joseph H. Lumpkin Sr.  “It also represents one of the reasons SCMPD chose to begin training officers in June 2016 to administer Narcan. It is a drug that can rapidly reverse the effects of narcotic overdose in life-threatening situations. Officers often use it in the critical moments when they arrive on a scene prior to EMS.  Administering Narcan has allowed our officers to prevent death in a number of purported overdose events.”

All patrol officers carry Narcan nasal spray.

In the past year, officers have administered Narcan in overdoses or attempted suicides at least 15 times. Eight of those have occurred in 2017.