SAVANNAH, GA (October 23, 2014): A Savannah woman and her infant daughter escaped serious injury Wednesday afternoon thanks to the efforts of a Samaritan, Police and firefighters.

Patrol officers from the Southside Precinct of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department responded to the Diamond Causeway bridge over the Moon River about 5 p.m. to find the 25-year-old woman clinging to a pole and her infant daughter being held above the water line by a crab trap.

The baby was pulled from the water in the trap by firefighters from Southside Fire and Rescue and the woman was rescued by officers and firefighters.

Police Chief Julie Tolbert lauded the efforts of the Samaritan and first responders.

“But for the quick actions of the fisherman and the officers, this could have been a tragedy,” she said. “Our thanks go out to this Samaritan and to the officers and firefighters as well. Too often their heroic efforts go unnoticed.”

The woman had been walking along a walkway beside the bridge with two children when the infant fell out of her stroller and into the water about three feet below.

A 60-year-old man fishing near the bridge saw the infant in the water and jumped in to rescue her only to see the mother, who could not swim, jump in as well. He put the baby on a nearby crab trap to get her out of the water and helped the mother to a pole where she could await further help.

A Metro sergeant entered the water to try to carry the woman out on his back, but both of them and the Samaritan became stuck in the mud below. Other officers and firefighters pulled the trio from the water with a rope.

The woman and daughter were transported to Memorial University Medical Center for treatment of exposure and non-life threatening injuries.