SAVANNAH, GA (April 3, 2015): Motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians are finding themselves outweighed by vehicles and Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police are asking them and drivers in vehicles to step up their awareness.

So far in 2015, SCMPD officers have investigated 24 accidents involving motorcycles, scooters and minibikes, 10 involving bicycles and 49 involving pedestrians. One motorcyclist, a bicyclist and three pedestrians have not survives their injuries.

The concerns are heightened as more visitors tour the city. Savannah’s natural splendor, tiny blocks, squares and visitors provide multiple distractions, particularly for those who are unfamiliar with the area.

“It’s an incredibly beautiful city, one of the prettiest in the world. That’s why my wife and I wanted to move here,” said Police Chief Joseph H. “Jack” Lumpkin Sr. “And all that beauty contributes to driving hazards that we need everyone to keep in mind as they drive, ride or walk.

“Take time to slow down if you are in a vehicle and actually anticipate that one of the pedestrians or cyclists may wander out in front of you. None of them are going to be any match for your vehicle.”

Thirteen people have been injured in the motorcycle/car collisions involving a total of 45 vehicles so far this year in the SCMPD jurisdiction. In all of 2014, Metro officers investigated 164 collisions involving motorized cycles with 104 people injured in 85 of those collisions. A total of 297 vehicles were involved.

Thirty-five pedestrians have been injured in crashes involving 41 vehicles so far this year. The year 2014 saw 185 pedestrians in collisions with vehicles with 149 of them injured. Involved were 194 vehicles.

And, five riders of bicycles and pedal cycles have been injured in the jurisdiction so far this year. Fifty individuals were involved in 81 bicycle vs vehicle collisions in 2014 with 35 of them receiving injuries. One hundred ninety-four vehicles were involved.