SAVANNAH, GA (August 22, 2014): Police Chief Julie Tolbert is praising the cooperative efforts of area law enforcement agencies that led to the arrest of five suspects in crimes in three counties and two states Wednesday.

The five males were arrested by authorities in Hardeeville, SC, after a shooting in Richmond Hill, GA, and a cautious pursuit by Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police in between. Metro’s Aviation Unit officers in helicopter “Eagle One” followed the stolen Dodge Charger the men were in to an apartment complex in Hardeeville.

Richmond Hill police are investigating the aggravated assault of a 19-year-old man who was shot after he interrupted some of the suspects trying to enter his pickup truck. They are being charged by SCMPD for the theft of the Charger. And Hardeeville Police are charging them with possession of illegal drugs.

Additionally, Islands Precinct detectives are investigating potential connections to various crimes in Savannah and/or Chatham County.

“This was a tremendous example of how cooperative police work can bring suspects into custody with no one being injured and no damage to anyone’s property,” Tolbert said. “The officers involved quickly overcame numerous obstacles to produce a cohesive reaction that brought about an expeditious conclusion.”

Richmond Hill police alerted Metro about the silver Charger entering the county on US 17. West Chatham Precinct officers attempted to stop it, but backed away when the suspects sped up. Instead, they saturated the area, directing Metro’s helicopter Eagle One to the location before discontinuing their actions when the helicopter took over at the Talmadge Bridge.

Officers in the helicopter followed the car to an apartment complex and relayed the information to Hardeeville Police and Jasper County sheriff’s deputies who followed  a Metro K-9 to locate them in an apartment and take each into custody.

Tolbert referred to an email from Metro Robbery detective Wesley Johnson to illustrate the complexities and success of the co-operation.

“The detective suggests ‘attaboys’ for all officers and departments involved and I completely agree,” she said.

The memo read, in part:

“I am writing this because of the tremendous outcome of a bad situation that occurred yesterday.  What happened … was no small task.  Over 30 miles, three counties, two states, and five armed robbery/shooting suspects (are) in custody.  … in all reality without (the cooperation) these guys would not have been caught.

“Together, with Richmond Hill Police, Hardeeville Police, SCMPD, and the Aviation Unit we managed to affect this arrest without any accidents, no injuries, and no loss of property.  This was accomplished with the teamwork and cool heads of everyone involved.  The situation was very fluid and rapidly changing.  … none of our agencies share police radio frequencies. We had to use cell phones, land lines, and (Radio) Dispatch to communicate and coordinate.

“… I feel what occurred … was a great example of what our Department strives for.  Yesterday shows the dedication my fellow brothers and sisters in blue have to not only our community but to all innocent persons… the aviation unit was instrumental in the capture, if we didn’t have the bird up we wouldn’t have found the suspect vehicle.  I just feel an Atta boy is deserved for everyone involved…”