SAVANNAH, GA (August 3, 2015) – Friday nights in Central Precinct just got a little safer with the introduction of Central Precinct’s “Friday Night Lights”.  It’s the first  “nighttime” initiative of the summer involving individual precinct community outreach.

Central Precinct officer’s gathered in the Cuyler Brownville area at 39th and Burroughs on July 24th for the first event in order to light up the area and promote SCMPD in all directions in a one-block radius.  Officers also went door to door to hand out “Taking Back our Streets Flyers.”

On Friday, July 31, Friday Night Lights made its round again, this time at 57th and Crane streets near Hitch Park.

Part of Friday Night Lights implementation was in order to lead into Saturday’s morning Roll Call in the Streets events as part of the All Hands on Deck Initiative. It gives those folks that can’t usually come to the early afternoon Roll Calls an opportunity to come and speak with police in the early evening.

“You literally have police on your block for around three hours intervals,” said Advanced Police Officer Barry Lewis, the Crime Prevention Officer for Central Precinct. “It’s a chance to reach out and a chance to enjoy a safe environment at least for that period of time.”

Friday Night lights, although it sounds like the familiar football phrase is nothing of the sort. It is literally a time to be on the blocks and light the area including lighting up some of the dark places around abandoned homes near the setup. It is also an outreach and a message that is in place that it is truly the time to “take our streets back.” That same title is emblazoned on pamphlets that officers take door to door and hand out to citizens.

Captain DeVonn Adams, commander of Central Precinct, noted that “Friday Night Lights is an opportunity to engage the youth in our community in some of our troubles neighborhoods.” “We want to try and stop this violence. We got to stop killing each other. It can’t be an option,” he said.

Friday Night lights will continue in different areas of Central Precinct into the fall season. Most of the time the location and arrival is not announced.

APO Barry Lewis, CPO, Central Precinct (3) SCMPD