SAVANNAH, GA (October 27, 2021) – The Savannah Police Department has been advised of a recent Georgia Power scam that has been circulating through the area.

Generally, the victim receives a call from a person claiming to work for the power company. The caller often uses scare tactics, sometimes threatening to turn off their power immediately, if the person does not pay. Payment is often requested in the form of gift card or money pack cards. Frequently the scammers will spoof Georgia Power’s real phone number when calling so that the caller ID will make it appear that the call is coming from the power company.

The scam has  been one that has been repeated throughout this area and other parts of the state in the past. Georgia Power has additional information on the scams on its website at and

Please be advised of the below tips when it comes to scams of this nature. Please share the information with your loved ones, especially elderly residents who are more frequently victims in these types of scams. If you did make payment to the scammers, contact law enforcement to file a police report.

Georgia Power is not the only company that has been victim of this type of scam. Beware of any company – gas, water or electric – company that calls with similar claims.


  1. The “power company representative” will often claim you have a limited amount of time before power is disconnected. This is your first sign of a potential scam. When you hear this, hang up immediately and call Georgia Power.
  2. Check the Georgia Power online portal for confirmation of what the caller claimed about your bill.
  3. Visit one of the local Georgia Power payment centers in person to ask about the validity of the claim.
  4. Georgia power never asks for payment via gift cards or money pack cards.
  5. Check before sending money.  Verify the information.  Call someone you know and get an opinion.
  6. Never rush to make a decision in these matters. The caller uses fear tactics to make you make a quick decision without thinking it through.

This process is never done in only 45 minutes as the scam call states.