IMG_1183Donald Blidde, 16, hopes to be an engineer when he grows up. He got valuable experience through the Savannah Pre-Apprentice Program that will pave the way for his future career success.

Working with the City of Savannah’s Public Works Department, the Beach High School student was responsible for inspecting pipes and checking for defects above and below ground. After removing manhole covers, Blidde inspected each pipe’s structural soundness with a robotic camera. He jotted

Donald Blidde, 16, Chatham County Public Works

Donald Blidde, 16, Chatham County Public Works

notes and helped to fill out the requisite paperwork with each inspection.

In addition to these valuable job skills, Blidde also learned the value of being on time and maintaining a good customer-service oriented attitude. Although 2016 was Blidde’s first year wIMG_1187ith SPAP, he already has plans to sign up for the program again next year.

“I want to come back,” he said about SPAP. “It’s a good experience for kids and it keeps them out of the streets. He added, “This is a new experience and I wanted to try something new.”