SAVANNAH, GA ( June 30, 2011) More details have emerged about a shooting Wednesday night.


At 8:00 p.m., officers responded to Skidaway Road and Eisenhower Drive to Ma Randys restaurant in reference to a shooting. The female victim told police that she confronted the suspect when he banged his car door into her vehicle.


According to the victim a verbal altercation followed, and became heated. The victim stated the suspect threatened her. She was attempting to back up and get the suspects tag number when he opened fire on her and the three small children in the vehicle.


The suspect, Benard Wilson, 35, showed up at Memorial University Medical Center suffering from a gunshot wound to his foot. He told police that he and the victim had a verbal altercation about whether or not his car door hit her car.  He stated that she backed up and parked behind his truck and would not let him back out.  He stated that she was getting his tag number.  After the victim was parked behind him for some time, he went inside Ma Randy’s to ask for help.  He returned to his vehicle and attempted to back out of the parking space. He attempted to back up and the victim refused to let him leave according to WILSON. This went on for several minutes.


He advised that he became very upset about the whole situation and grabbed his handgun.  He stated that the gun went off while inside the truck.  That’s he exited his truck and fired approximately two (2) rounds at the sedan.  He noted that he was not sure if he struck the vehicle or not.


The suspect’s vehicle was located near the incident location. None of the occupants in the victim’s vehicle were injured.  WILSON was charged with aggravated assault.