SAVANNAH, GA (June 16, 2015) – This morning Chief Joseph H. Lumpkin and the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department honored 134 officers for recently achieving the rank of Advanced Police Officer (APO) and Corporal.  The ceremony took place in Johnson Square.

Earlier this year the City of Savannah and the SCMPD reestablished a Career Ladder to give officers an opportunity to grow and develop within the agency.

During the 2005 Police Merger the department did away with the rank of corporal and the Advanced Police Officer grade was previously not considered a “rank” and did not come with a salary increase.

Over the past couple of months all SCMPD officers below the rank of sergeant were eligible to apply for the APO and Corporal ranks, as long as they met the training and personnel requirements. Officers are eligible to apply for APO after two years of service; officers are eligible to apply for Corporal after three years of service. The new rank also comes with a 5% pay increase.

Chief Lumpkin said, “It has been my goal from day one as Chief to improve the motivation, satisfaction, and performance of the SCMPD employees. It is an honor to work with so many outstanding individuals and I believe this career ladder is the first step in improving the morale on this department and the retention of our officers.”

During the event Chief Lumpkin also welcomed the SCMPD’s newest member to the force. Officer Jody Jno-Baptiste received her badge from training unit Sgt. Mark Gallipeau. Jno-Baptiste just completed SCMPD’s patrol school and has been assigned to the Southside Precinct.

Sergio Ahuyon, Kelvin Ansari, David Arbizo ,Andrew Arnsdorff, Robert Axelsson, Lorenza Baker, Jr., Chester Balmer, Joseph Bejnarowicz, Ryan Bevil, Chad Bote, Rufus Brown, Shana Brown, Bryan Carelock, Joseph Carlino, Maurice Collins, Rodney Cooper, Corey Cotton, Michael Drayton, Susan Fandrich, Jon Gibbs, Tara Giles, Rebecca Henry, Samuel Hunt, Patrick Johnson, Michael Kerr, Shawn Kinzer, Steven Kohles, Matthew Lopresti, James Lyttle, Winston Maxey, Jeremy McKnight, Alycia McLemore, Carl Meadows, Morris Monday, John Murphy, John Nevin, Romel Petit-Frere, Chrisovaladis Petrou, Timothy Powell, Dana Purvis, Alan Sammons, Jerry Sanders, Michele Schiro, Terry Shook, Pamela Simpson, Eric Smith, Randy Smith, Roshi Smith, Eugene Solomon, Ron Tyran, II, Michael Uritescu, Randy Veal, Robie Walp, Kenneth Whitcomb, Santana Willis, Charles Wilson, Christina Windsor, and Michael Zaragoza

Advanced Police Officers:
Mark Allgaier, Christopher Ameduri, Marilyn Anderson, David Baker, David Blackburn, Rebecca Blashford-Delatorre, Eric Blaser, Patrick Boleman, Natasha Borkowski, Alan Brown, Zachary Burdette, Glenn Castro, Russell Champion, Frank Chisholm, Chase Cogswell, Angelia Coleman, James Coleman, Phillip Collard, Matthew Cross, Michael Dantzler, Timothy DeVita, Shaun Dobbs, Robert Edwards, Bret Eskridge, Will Fernandez, Benjamin Ferrero, Kevin Fikes, Matthew Fogarty, John Garcia, Odarie Gibbs, Jeffery Gonzalez, Jeffrey Graff, Billy Gray, Rebecca Gregory, Christina Hale, Justin Hardy, Elizabeth Hardy, Bryan Harrell, Dion Hurley, Andrew Inglett, Kevin Jarriel, Jeremy Johnson, Jeremy Kang, Chris Karsznia, Matthew Kassees, Nicole Khaalis, Nathaniel Kirkland, III, Brian Krouse, Casondra Lawton, Nicholas Melke, Raymond Mercer, Lyndsey Micheli, Robert Micheli, Matthew Nelson ,Hillary Nielsen ,Dyllan O’Neil ,Jason Pagliaro ,Patrick Pittman, Rex Pixley, Jeremy Postreich, Charles Pugh, Jonathan Puhala, LaShawn Ransom ,Roy Ricardo, Adina Ripley, Barry Ripley, Michael Rowan, Dabureau Samuels, Robert Santoro, Kevin Seay, Ryan Smith, Sean Sueaquan, Erica Whitley, Richard Wiggins, Gary Woodruff, and Kristen Wright