Internet Theft

    Hello SCMPD Islands Precinct residents. Crime Prevention Officer Thomas here with an alert on some scams going around. Most of these seem to be targeted at elderly people so if you have an elderly neighbor, friend or relative please pass this on to them.

1. According to a recent e-mail I received, Residents are being called and told they have a major security issue or similar and need to check their computers. Once they are on their computers they are then told to download software. This software is a virus and will damage your computer and steal your information. No one should ever call you and ask you to download something.

2. People will call claiming to work for the court house or similar and demand that you pay a fine or they will come and take you to jail. They then instruct you to put money on a cash card and send it either online or via Western Express. No court official will ever call and demand you pay money in such a way. Cash cards are used because they make the money anonymous and harder to track.

If you receive any other scams not on this list or have questions about possibly being involved in a scam, please e-mail me.

Thanks and have a good one!