SAVANNAH, GA (November 8, 2010): Two incidents in which women were injured when their purse was snatched from their shoulder have Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police searching for a suspect and prompted officers  to issue suggestions to help guard against the crime.

A 67-year-old woman waiting for her husband to pull a car out of a parking space at President and Habersham streets just after Midnight was injured when a man snatched her purse and ran. She was treated at Memorial Health Medical Center and released.

Just before 10 a.m. that day a 68-year-old woman from Leesburg, VA, walking with friends at River Street and the East Broad Street ramp was injured when a man ran up from behind and snatched her purse, throwing her to the ground. She was treated at the scene by an EMS crew.

In each case the suspect was described as a white male with dark hair in his mid-to- late 20s wearing a long-sleeve, black jacket or shirt and tan shorts.

Police are checking security cameras in the area for leads to the suspect. But they urged caution for women carrying purses.

Star Cpl. Tracy Walden, specialist on crime prevention with SCMPD, warns that every female with a purse is a potential target and senior citizens are especially susceptible. She suggests:

  • Stay in well-lighted areas at night.


  • Carry a limited amount of cash in the purse with larger amounts, credit cards, driver’s license, keys and jewelry in a coat or sweater pocket.


  • Try to use smaller purses that can be more easily protected.


  • Avoid wrapping the purse strap around your shoulder, neck or wrist. Instead, carry it as a football, close to you, tucked between your ribs and elbow.


  • Have your keys out when you leave a business enroute to your car. Carry your keys in a pocket and avoid tags with your name, address and contact information.


  • If your purse grabbed, let it go! Nothing in it is worth your life!


  •  Call Police immediately, trying to remember all details you can.


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