SAVANNAH, GA (October 19, 2011): Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police have issued a warning in Savannah about a team of scam artists who have operated in nearby cities.


Thieves operating as home improvement company representatives have been knocking on doors in Southeastern cities offering to perform repairs. In some cases, while one person is talking to the homeowner at the front door, others have entered through other doors to take items from the residence.


At least some items stolen in Spartanburg, SC, have been pawned in Savannah and police suspect some of the scam artists could be focusing on residents here.


The scammers have offered to sell and install linoleum flooring or carpet stretching. They also have been known to claim to have finished a nearby asphalt job and offer a discount on paving to use up leftover materials. And they have been known to offer to paint exteriors of homes. In both of the latter two, the materials used – asphalt or paint – are of such poor quality the work begins to deteriorate almost immediately.


Police suggest anyone approached for such services not get involved in long conversations, check to make sure no one has entered other areas of the house, and call 911 to report the action immediately.


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