SAVANNAH, GA (November 10, 2010): A Savannah duo equipped with spray paint, a copy of the city ordinance applying to “tagging” of property and an excerpt from the Internet advising how to avoid charges didn’t count on an alert patrolman catching them in the act this morning.

Joseph Zachary Heilman, 22, of a Cockle Shell Road address and Elizabeth Angelica Querusio, 24, of the 500 block of East Macon Street, were arrested at 3:49 a.m. after Officer Patrick Ramshead of the Downtown Precinct spotted them preparing to spray paint a wall at Bay Street near the Abercorn Street ramp.

The officer reported seeing Heilman with a can of spray paint he had taken from Ms. Querusio’s backpack and moving toward a wall with his finger on the sprayer when he saw the patrol car approaching. He returned the can to the backpack and the two began to run until the officer ordered them to stop over his public address system.

Ms. Querusio showed officers locations where she said they had spray painted a sign on River Street and a wall at Rousakis Plaza.

Inside their backpacks police found cans of spray paint, a copy of the Savannah city ordinance applying to defiling property, and a passage with tips on how to avoid prosecution.

They have been charged with interference with government property and possession of tools for commission of a crime, both felonies, and loitering and prowling, a misdemeanor. Mr. Heilman also was charged with criminal trespass, also a misdemeanor.

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