New Additions to SCMPD Marine Patrol


SAVANNAH, GA (March 4,  2011): SCMPD’s Marine Patrol unit has taken delivery of three new boats purchased under a Homeland Security Grant, including a 35-foot Command/Support boat that will be the flagship of the fleet.

The boats purchased include two 25-foot AMBAR patrol boats and the SilverShip 35’-foot Command / Support vessel equipped with twin 250-HP Mercury outboards, a gasoline-powered generator and a 200-gallon gas tank. Despite its size it can reach speeds of 42 MPH.

This boat is equipped with the latest GPS technology, side-scan sonar, radar, and with Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) surveillance equipment.  It will be used as a support vessel for our department’s Underwater Search & Recovery team, extended port security zones and high-risk escorts. It has a landing craft door in front that allows loading and unloading of equipment on land or in water.

The two Patrol boats are equipped with twin 200 HP Mercurys and can reach speeds of 50 MPH. They  are used for daily routine waterway patrols. They also are equipped with SideScan technology that allows searching under docks and platforms.

The Silvership was custom-made using SCMPD specs at $298,000. The two patrol boats were purchased for $149,000 each.

“These are commercial grade hulls that will last us 20 to 25 years with only engine replacements and electronics upgrades when necessary,” said unit commander Sgt. Danny Davis. “They will allow us to better cover a vast area with the tools we need to do the job more efficiently and effectively.”

The Marine Patrol Unit is responsible for patrolling 632 square miles of waterway and is staffed with six Officers. It utilizes six patrol boats, two support boats, two Jet Skis and four Jon boats, used interchangeably as the need dictates.

In 2010 the unit issued 260 citations, performed 645 safety checks, participated in 19 search and rescue mission, escorted 37 Liquefied Natural Gas ships, investigated 73 incidents/accidents, performed 9 arrests, spent 248 hours in training, assisted other agencies 85 times and performed 2,907 hours of patrol.

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