SAVANNAH, GA (December 21, 2015): Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police urge citizens to be vigilant in using post-holiday practices that decrease the odds of falling victim to criminal activity.  SCMPD has issued 10 crime prevention tips to keep citizens safe during the post-holiday season.

  1. Do not leave unwrapped gifts visible through your home’s exterior windows.
  2. Break down all original gift packaging. Place packaging in plastic trash bags and secure items in a sealed garbage bin until pick up. Also, consider keeping broken down boxes inside your home until sanitation workers come for pickup.
  3. Inscribe high priced items such as televisions, computers and other electronics with an identification number unique to the owner. Do not use social security numbers.
  4. Take inventory of newly gifted items. Note the make, model, serial numbers and other important details. Photographs of items such as jewelry are also helpful. Utilize to upload serial numbers, photos and descriptions of valuable possessions. This will aid in recovery of your items, if stolen.
  1. Be cognizant of strangers knocking at your door. Before opening the door for anyone, ask for ID. A stranger’s knock at your door may provide them the chance to scope the inside of your house for valuables and strategize for a later return.
  2. Keep the outside of your home well lit. When leaving, even for short periods, lock doors and close curtains.
  3. Avoid posting photos of your new gifts on social media sites.
  4. If your holiday celebrations are out of town, hold off on posting photos and information about your travels on social media until you return to your home.
  5. Be a good neighbor. Pay attention to any suspicious activity or persons and call 9-1-1 immediately. Don’t delay. You may prevent a crime from being committed.
  6. Schedule an appointment with your precinct’s Crime Prevention Officer to evaluate the security of your residence.

Tuesday, at 1 p.m., a Crime Prevention officer will be available at SCMPD Headquarters to discuss post-holiday tips in detail.