SAVANNAH, GA ( May 18, 2011) Savannah-Chatham Metro Police have arrested a man for impersonating an officer.

Thursday afternoon just after 4p.m., an officer was flagged down in the 100 Block of Edgewater Road near Brookside Apartments in reference to a man attempting to lure young girls into his car.

According to the girls earlier they were walking home when a gold Mercedes drove by very slowly and the driver attempted to get their attention. The girls tried to ignore him but the driver, Robert WRIGHT, 68, persisted. He told the girls he wanted to give them a ride home. One of the girls told WRIGHT they were going to call police if he didn’t leave them alone. In response he told her he was an officer. The girls walked away and the suspect sat in the apartment complex parking lot and watched.   A parent was contacted and also confronted WRIGHT. And again WRIGHT told the parent he was affiliated with police. He then left the area.

Officers located WRIGHT, not far away, sitting in the parking lot of a local drugstore after a lookout was placed on the gold Mercedes. WRIGHT was identified as the driver. It was later discovered that WRIGHT had on several previous occasions attempted to chat up young girls and offer them rides in that same area.  When questioned,  WRIGHT claimed he thought one of the girls was a family member and denied ever claiming to be a police officer.  

 WRIGHT was taken into custody and charged with impersonating an officer. This is an ongoing investigation.