For Immediate Release
SAVANNAH, GA (October 13, 2010): Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police have arrested one man after he “tagged” numerous locations in the downtown area.

Maxwell G. Lipson, 23, decided to advertise the old fashioned way, by putting his “logo” everywhere. On 11 separate locations, the letters WOM were spray painted on buildings, pillars and sidewalks.

Word of Mouth is a is an organization that sponsors underground parties. It consists of unknown or unsigned artists or musicians.

LIPSON set out on Oct 1 and Literally painted the town. An eyewitness alerted police to what was going on. After some investigating detectives

Learned that LIPSON had even used his facebook profile picture to promote “Word of Mouth”.  LIPSON was arrested today and charged with felony interference with government property for defacing government property