SAVANNAH, GA (March 21, 2011): Internal Affairs is looking into an arrest over St. Patrick’s Festival weekend that was depicted in a video posted on You Tube.

It shows several women fighting outside and inside a red SUV; a man watching and then participating in the fight by hitting the car and forcing the open door onto the combatants; and a crowd watching and encouraging the participants.

Two Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police officers arrive and one forces the man to the ground, striking his legs with a baton. As he is securing his prisoner, one of the women who appears bloodied from the fight pushes the officer, who chases her away by striking her on her legs with the baton.

After placing handcuffs on the man, the officer pursues the woman who has meandered away. He pulls her back to the scene by the belt on her trousers, forces her to the ground beside the man and secures her as other officers rush in.

The officer has been placed on administrative leave, pending the investigation.

“The video vividly shows part of what happened, but it does not show all that transpired,” said SCMPD Chief Willie Lovett. “It is important that we know all sides of the situation before we comment further.”

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