SAVANNAH, GA (November 23, 2016): The Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department supports lawful initiatives that properly remove guns from individuals who are prohibited from possessing a firearm by law.   However, there appears to be some confusion regarding a local gun buyback program and the SCMPD’s role.  The recently announced gun buyback program is a private venture and the SCMPD is not affiliated.

The SCMPD opposes any prohibited individual from possessing a firearm.  Under Georgia law, certain prohibitions exist regarding possession of a firearm.  A convicted felon, anyone under 18-years-old and anyone having been involuntarily hospitalized as an inpatient at any mental hospital or drug or alcohol treatment center cannot legally possess a firearm.

Every year in Savannah SCMPD officers confiscate hundreds of illegal guns from criminals.  Many of these guns are stolen from vehicles and homes.  The SCMPD encourages all legal gun owners to properly secure their weapons.  Additionally, the SCMPD encourages all legal gun owners to record and safely store their firearm’s serial number, make and model.