SAVANNAH, GA (October 16, 2014)  On October 11th, 2014 SCMPD Islands Precinct partnered up with a local martial artist to teach about domestic violence.

Crime Prevention Officer, Ryan Thomas, taught the particpants about what domestic violence was along with concepts including the cycle of violence, battered spouse syndrome, types of abuse, information about the crime of strangulation, resources for victims and more



Directly following the information session by SCMPD, local martial artist, James Finizio, from Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Savannah taught a two hour women’s self defense class. Students covered a wide range of topics from escaping a choke, a bear hug, simple take downs, escaping from underneath someone and even a hip toss. One of the participants, a teen aged girl, was able to lift and throw the two hundred and ten pound instructor by the end of it!



     All in all it was a good time and everyone walked away with greater knowledge. If you’d like to see more events like this please leave a comment or contact me by Clicking Here