SAVANNAH, GA (September 22, 2012): Metro Police closed Daffin Park Saturday after several fights broke out among several groups while youth football league teams were playing.

Patrol officers from several precincts saturated the park just after 2 p.m. when several groups began fights. No injuries were reported. The park reopened about an hour later. 

Three adults and four juveniles were taken into custody, including one teenager who fired three shots and then fled into Ardsley Park. Quamelus Lee, 17, was arrested by patrol officers and a detective after a footchase. He was found under a parked car  on East 45th Street. He was charged with carrying a deadly weapon in a public place, possession of a firearm by a subject under 21, reckless conduct and obstruction of an officer. The other two adults arrested were high school students. 

The incidents took place while the popular park was crowded with young football players, families and vendors attending the football games. Police have found no connection between the games and those involved in the incidents.  

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