SAVANNAH, GA ( July 1, 2011) One man has been arrested and charges are pending against two more after vandals damage cars in a city garage.

June 25, in the early morning hours police were called to the Robbie Robinson Garage about several damaged vehicles. They discovered five vehicles and a motorcycle received various levels of damage. Some were kicked, others smashed, mirrors ripped off and windows destroyed.


The owner of three of the five vehicle’s have been located. However two of the vehicles’ owners have not been located. A 2006 Lincoln and 1994 GMC Sierra were damaged that night and police would like to speak to the owners to get an estimate of the damages.  If you’re the owner of one of the listed vehicles please call 912-651-6994.

 Witnesses told police of four men on what appeared to be a rampage as they indiscriminately damaged vehicles on three levels of the garage. Three of the four men have been identified.  Remijio Boyotello, 22, was arrested and charged with criminal damage to property in the 2nd degree and party to a crime. Charges are pending on Michael Martin, 24, and Seth Stratton. The fourth suspect is still being investigated.