SAVANNAH, GA (November 17, 2014) – Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Chief Joseph H. Lumpkin said his investigators are working around the clock to solve two homicides and several shootings which occurred in Savannah between Friday and Sunday night.

Chief Lumpkin said while the number of shootings are troubling, there is no evidence that they are linked in any way.  The shootings occurred in varried locations throughout the jurisdiction.  In some of the cases the suspects knew the perpetrator, a couple of the shootings appear to be unintentional and other incidents involved the victims engaging in risky behavior.  In several of the cases the victims are not cooperating with detectives.

“We need the community’s help to combat this violence,” said Chief Lumpkin. “Gaining their trust is paramount; it’s not going to happen in a day or two, and it may not happen in a month but I am going to work hard to restore that trust.  We as police officers cannot be effective without the community’s help.”