Patrol officers, Central Precinct CSU officers confer on arrestee

Patrol and CSU officers question bicyclist who rode away from a traffic stop in Cuyler-Brownsville

SAVANNAH, GA (September 10, 2012) An intensive three-day operation involving undercover stakeouts, traffic stops and aggressive street patrols last week concluded a 90-day effort by Central Precinct officers to reduce crime in the summer with notable results.

 The three-month effort by precinct commander, Capt. DeVonn Adams referred to as “All Hands on Deck” reduced crimes reported in the area during the summer to two-thirds of those reported in 2011.

 Adams, reacting to Police Chief Willie Lovett’s directive to adjust operations to reduce crime in all precincts below 2011 levels, asked his officers to delay vacations and other off days during June, July and August to keep as many officers on the street as possible.

 Capt. Adams moved afternoon roll calls to start the patrol shifts from the Central squad room to neighborhood streets throughout the precinct to help improve relationships with residents and businesses. He also brought in Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police K-9s, Mounted Patrol, Tactical Reaction and Prevention (TRAP) units and Animal Control, Chatham County Sheriff’s Office deputies and even Georgia State Patrol troopers.

 The goal was to increase the comfort level of residents to call and confiding in police. As a result, calls for service from the precinct dropped only 12.9 percent while crime reports fell 33 percent, indicating that residents are more apt to call police now when they suspect problems.

 As part of the effort, Central’s Crime Suppression Unit also organized focused operations including the undercover efforts, bicycle patrols, stakeouts and traffic stops.

In a three-day effort beginning Aug. 29, CSU officers staked out the Ardsley Park area and captured a 22-year-old homeless man and two 16-year-old juveniles that have been charged or tied to all 10 auto break-ins reported in the neighborhood this month.

 Traffic safety check points set up in the precinct Thursday and Friday with accompanying intensified neighborhood saturations led to 79 traffic citations, 12 misdemeanor arrests and nine felony arrests, five DUI arrests and the recovery of a stolen Jeep. Central CSU and patrol officers also helped arrest three 15-year-olds and recover a stolen Toyota when they sped into the undercover operation and crashed Wednesday night.

 “All Hands on Deck” is credited for reducing violent crimes in the precinct during the three months from 75 in 2011 to 66 in 2012. Property crimes reduced from 711 to 461, or 35 percent. Overall, the reduction was 33 percent.

 Capt. Adams congratulated his officers for the effort and asked them to renew their focus for the rest of the year. So far this year, violent crime reports in the precinct are down 14 percent and property crimes down 25 percent for a combined decrease of 25 percent.

 The precinct leads the department that shows a 2 percent decrease in violent crimes and 14 percent fall in property crimes for a combined decrease of 13 percent over 2011.

 The reports also are 10 percent below 2010, which was the lowest crime year in the recorded history of the jurisdiction.

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