Release At Will

SAVANNAH, GA (October 4, 2010): Two women and a teenager were arrested and charged with fighting in public, affray Sunday morning after a fight in an IHOP restaurant that forced 14 police officers to shut down the operation for nearly an hour.

 Shanqwaie Quonice Roberson, 23, and Kris Anesha Scott, 19, became involved in a punching, hair-pulling fight and Ms. Scott’s brother, Christopher Alvin Scott, 17, joined in, according to Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police.

 Officers already were in the parking lot of the restaurant at 1800 Victory Drive when the 4 a.m. melee broke out inside the crowded business. Police had been asked to help private security guards clear the parking lot of visitors who had grouped outside and refused to leave.

 When the fight inside the restaurant broke out, officers called in reinforcements, separated the women, and closed the restaurant to sort things out.

 The restaurant and the crowds that gather in its parking lot have been the subject of discussion since Sept. 11, when Larry Venson, 19, was fatally shot in front of the restaurant after an argument with another man. Jeffrey Jamal Johnson, 24, has been charged with murder in that shooting.

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