Downtown Precinct Officers Heather Clendening and Shana Brown were presented SCMPD T-Shirts as representatives of five Precinct and Tactical Reaction and Prevention (TRAP) team members during the Com-Stat meeting Wednesday for their role in apprehending a suspect in five burglaries. Police Chief Willie Lovett and Downtown Precinct Capt. Mike Wilkins presented the T-shirts for the Aug. 23 incident. Capt. Wilkins explained that officers were responding to an entering an auto report in the Northwest Historic District when off-duty TRAP officer Brent Minton noticed a suspect exiting a different vehicle in the area. He shared the information before losing sight of the suspect, who officers Clendening and Brown captured after a foot pursuit. The suspect has been connected to five burglaries in the Ben Van Clark area, which had experienced a rash of burglaries at the time. TRAP Officer Minton and Precinct Officers Brian Krouse and Laura McNally were unable to attend the meeting and will be recognized in the Downtown Precinct for their role in the apprehension.