SAVANNAH, GA (April 28, 2020): The Savannah Police Department implemented an innovative live stream video reporting service that was designed to help social distancing efforts amid the novel coronavirus pandemic a little more than one month ago.

Since its inception SPD Officers have had over a thousand contacts and handled 823 calls for service via the new system.  This greatly reduces the spread of the Corona Virus to both citizens and officers.  With some studies estimating that the average person has contact with 5-13 other people throughout the course of their day; this may have reduced contact to 4115 to 10699 people.  “This reduces the potential spread of the virus, keeping our citizens and officers safe, providing the greatest level of service and accomplishing the mission of the Remote Report Center, all while promoting social distancing” said Program Manager, Lieutenant Max Nowinsky.

Throughout the process, SPD has asked citizens utilizing the system for their thoughts on the system, the general consensus is that the system is easy and convenient to utilize, and many ask that the system remain after the threat from Covid-19 has passed.

SPD will continue to use the Remote Report Center to handle calls for service and to reduce the spread of Covid-19 for the foreseeable future.   SPD understands that with these difficult and fast-changing times, it is important to offer citizens different methods to file a report along with having face-to-face interaction.

This service is only available to those within the Savannah Police jurisdiction. Callers have the right to refuse using this service and utilize another option to file a report such as the Online Police Reporting System.