Please know that during these difficult and fast-changing times, the Savannah Police Department remains committed to the health and safety of our community and those who serve you with dedication every day. There has not been a confirmed coronavirus disease (COVID-19) case in Chatham County, but we are implementing measures in order to mitigate the spread of this virus and the effects on our public safety mission. The following actions have been taken by SPD thus far.

  • SPD has been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and has been conferring with the Department of Public Health and the City of Savannah on proper steps to maintain the health of our police officers. Our mission is to maintain the health of our officers as they continue to perform their duties and also ensure our ability to respond to emergency calls for service.
  • A COVID-19 Response and Operations Plan is in place that addresses the reallocation of resources to ensure that SPD can continue to perform at a high standard, if or when it needs to be enacted.
  • SPD is in the process of equipping officers with personal protective equipment such as gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and additional equipment to help maintain their health.
  • SPD is continuing to encourage officers to follow good personal hygiene practices as outlined by the CDC such as washing their hands regularly, hand sanitizing, coughing into tissue and to be mindful of their physical contact with individuals by decreasing handshaking.
  • Social distancing is being encouraged by canceling officer’s involvement in work-related large gathering and events at this time.
  • Outside travel for training has been suspended by the department to decrease chances of contact with exposed individuals.
  • SPD workspaces, buildings and vehicles are being sanitized on a routine basis.
  • EMS professionals will assist officers on medical calls to evaluate the potential health of the individual and the precautions personnel may need to take.

SPD continues to encourage the community to monitor updates from the CDC, Department of Public Health, the City of Savannah and the police department in regards to COVID-19. SPD is committed to the safety of this community and will continue to stay up-to-date on COVID-19 in order to enact best practices for the health of department members and the community.