SAVANNAH, GA (July 25, 2018) – The Savannah Police Department has conducted several successful prostitution stings in its Central Precinct that have resulted in 16 arrests.

“These crimes, while perceived to be victimless crimes, affect the quality of life and lead to the degradation of the neighborhoods they infiltrate,” Chief Mark Revenew said. “All too often these illicit activities breed other Part 1 crimes, such as sexual assaults, battery and robberies.”

After identifying the issue in the Central Precinct, the Crime Suppression Unit began conducting undercover operations at locations, to include the motel district on Highway 17 and the Jefferson Street corridor. Over the past month, the Crime Suppression Unit has conducted three successful operations focused on prostitution and other related criminal activity. The most recent one occurred July 21.

Operations will continue.


Sabrina Williams, 36: prostitution, possession of drug related object, contempt of court

Tiera Woods, 32: prostitution, possession of drug related object, contempt of court, probation violation

Detra Taylor, 40: prostitution

Melissa Woodruff, 44: prostitution/sexual battery

Mary Jones, 55: prostitution

Amber Valdez, 25: prostitution

Detra Taylor, 40: prostitution

DeAnn Conner, 50: prostitution

Annaliesa Merrill, 33: prostitution

Jefte Flores, 36: pandering

Pablo Ramirez-Guerro, 43: pandering

Franklin Jackson, 62: pandering

Joseph McCullough, 60: pandering

Michelle Sanchez, 46: prostitution

Norma Evans, 59: prostitution

Shantell Baker, 26: prostitution, simple battery on officer, disorderly conduct