SAVANNAH, GA (October 24, 2012) Southside residents are being encouraged by Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police to pay more attention to their bicycles after a recent increase in thefts in the area.

 Southside Precinct officers are asking bicyclists to lock their two-wheelers with good locks in well-lighted and well-traveled areas and to make sure to register their bikes or maintain a record of serial numbers.

 Capt. Carl Ramey said officers are trying to determine where the bicycles are going after the marked increase in reported thefts. In each case, the bikes were left unsecured. Thefts have been reported from yards, businesses and apartment complexes.

 Owners can register their bikes on the Metro website SCMPD.ORG and learn tips on how to secure them when not in use. Many bicycles are recovered each year by police but only a small fraction of them can be matched to owners. Most were not able to provide serial numbers when their bikes were reported stolen.

 Police recommend using a strong, tube-style lock securing the frame and wheels to permanent metal objects and, where possible, store the bicycles inside. They also recommend bicyclists avoid locking them to wooden railings that can be easily kicked in, leaving owners with missing bikes and damaged buildings.

 Additional information on bicycle security and safety is available from the Southside Precinct Crime Prevention Officer John Simmons at (912) 351-3400.

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