SAVANNAH, GA (May 5, 2015) A convicted sex offender has been charged with aggravated assault after lying about his age to a 17-year-old female and then attacking her when she refused his advances.

Special Victims Unit detectives, Islands Precinct patrol officers and K9 officers arrested Shiron Nelson Williams, 27, at a relative’s house on East 38th Street Monday night on the aggravated assault charge. He subsequently was charged with probation violation.

He is charged with representing himself over a website as a 22-year-old to convince the teen to meet him for a movie, then taking her to the relative’s house on May 1. When she refused his efforts to take her to a shed behind the house, he physically attacked her. The girl ran to another area where the suspect’s relatives helped her call police while he left on foot.

He has a record of multiple arrests in Savannah, including three previous probation violations, child molestation and two counts of statutory rape. The latter charges stem from a 2010 incident in which he represented himself as 16-year-old to attract a 13-year-old girl he impregnated.