SAVANNAH, GA (September 20, 2017) –  Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department is asking the public to secure their vehicles to assist in reducing the number of entering auto and vehicle theft cases.

Last week there were 11 auto thefts and 22 entering auto cases reported to SCMPD. Of the 11 auto thefts, only one victim reported the vehicle had been properly secured. Five told officers the vehicles were left unlocked, several of which also had keys left inside. Of the 22 entering auto cases, only four vehicles were secured. Six were reportedly unsecured, and seven victims told officers they were not certain if the vehicles were secured. Three firearms were reported stolen during the incidents.

Taking your key and locking your vehicle doors is one of the best ways to prevent auto theft and entering auto cases.

“Many of these thefts are crimes of opportunity,” said APO Sharif Lockett, a Crime Prevention Officer in the Islands Precinct. “In many cases, the offenders are searching for vehicles that have been left unsecured, have valuables left in plain sight or are left running.”

Police also advise that people never leave their vehicles unattended and running for any amount of time. Officers frequently see cases where vehicles are stolen while left running to “warm up” on cold mornings or at locations, like gas stations.

Prevention Tips:

  • Always lock your vehicle and hide your items.
  • Never leave your vehicle unattended and running.
  • Never keep a spare key in your vehicle even if the doors are locked.
  • Bring firearms inside at night and secure them in a safe spot away from children.
  • Park in well-lit area, if possible.