SAVANNAH,GA ( May 4, 2012):  Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police capped a four-week investigation  on Montgomery Street this afternoon, seizing guns, drugs, gaming items and pirated recordings.

 At least seven people were being detained by the combined forces of Central Precinct Crime Supression Units, Neighborhood Task Force and TRAP units after the raid on a liquor store, car wash and records shop. Canine units from SCMPD and the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office as well as Traffic and CSU units from the West Chatham Precinct also were involved.

 Undercover officers had made purchases of drugs at some of the businesses and had focused on at least two men believed to have been leaders of the operations. Both were among those being detained Friday afternoon.

 The investigation was launched after members of the public called police and even the city manager’s office to report the illegal activities. Capt. DeVonn Adams, whose Central Precint officers initiated the investigation, said the three businesses have been shut down for the time being as the investigation into the activities continues. He said police will look at the license holders and any involvement they might have had to determine if they will attempt to have the licenses revoked.

 The raid centered on three businesses at Montgomery and West 35th Streets, including Montgomery Bevarages, Dirty South Car Wash and Dirty South Records.

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