SAVANNAH, GA ( June 22, 2011) Savannah-Chatham Metro Police have received complaints about a new scam and want to make the public aware.

Recently a gentleman filed a police report in reference to a phone scam.  The caller told the victim that he was a police officer and he demanded money from the victim, threatening to arrest the victim if he did not do what he was asked to do.  The victim in this case never gave the caller any money, but has continued to get phone calls from the same phone numbers. 

The caller is always a male, with a thick accent.  The phone numbers they call from have a (239) or (864) prefix. Detectives believe that the callers are “spoofing” or somehow rerouting their actual numbers, to avoid being tracked. 

Detectives called the scammers and were told  that they were with the “Bureau of Crime Investigation”. After the officer identified himself , the scammer wouldn’t answer any questions and interrupted him repeatedly when  asked a question. 

Internet research done by the Savannah Area Regional Intelligence Center ( SACIC)  revealed that numerous persons have reported similar fraud attempts from the 239 phone number. 

Anyone who has been contacted by these scammers and believes they have been the victim of a crime is encouraged to contact the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. 

Their website is