SAVANNAH, GA ( September 14, 2011) One man is arrested after leaving behind identifying documents during a burglary. September 7, Just after 1 a.m., Police were dispatched to the 100 Block of East Gaston on report of a burglary. The suspect had already fled the scene according to the victim because she had walked in during the burglary. She went on to tell police that the suspect took several of her personal belongings in a bag and ran out. She chased him for a short distance but lost sight of him. Police did a canvas of the area and discovered that several of the apartments in the area were vacant and unsecured. One contained a bag with court paperwork, including previous charges and a man’s name. Detectives were called in and began their investigation. A photo lineup was conducted and a photo of the man who’s court documents had been found in the vacant unsecured apartment was included. Nathaniel Snowton, 49, was identified as the burglar. A warrant was secured and he was arrested on September 11. ###