Lt Mike Wilson Special Operations Commander Patrol South Division

The travel period between Thanksgiving and New Years is one of the most dangerous and deadly times on our highways.

 Last year in Chatham County we had 864 DUI arrests throughout the year, 25 fatal accidents (5 DUI related), and 29 serious accidents (4 DUI related). During the designated “Holiday” period ( December 17th – January 2nd ) we had 2 fatal wrecks and 26 DUI’s. Sadly, nearly 10% of all traffic deaths occur  between December 1st and January 1st.  

 This holiday season The Savannah-Chatham Metro Police, The Georgia State Patrol, The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office and other local and surrounding law enforcement agencies kicked off operation ZERO TOLERANCE.

It is a statewide enforcement initiative to raise driver awareness to the deadly consequences of drunk driving. Besides the increase in enforcement you will also see a joint wave of high-visibility sobriety checkpoints throughout the city, county and state.

 Remember to plan for a designated driver, plan to take a taxi, or plan to spend the night. Because drivers who break Georgia’s DUI laws will go to jail! If you’re Over The Limit–you’re Under Arrest