For Immediate Release

 SAVANNAH, GA (October 26, 2010): Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police have been on the lookout for Murder suspect Ninja WHEELER for almost a year. Today he was arrested in Los Angeles, Ca.

On November 7, 2009, Mr. Steven Green was found shot, lying  on the living room floor of the small single family bungalow.  SCMPD Detective Dennis  was  was informed by a woman in the crowd  that the victim was the property manager of the residence, and that two individuals, Lakeya Jenkins and Ninja Hassan Wheeler,  had arranged to meet Mr. Green at the house the previous day.

Lakeya Jenkins was brought in for questioning and described how she and Ninja Hassan Wheeler had lured Steven Green to the residence under the guise of renting the house.  Jenkins described how she acted as if she wanted to rent the apartment while Ninja Hassan Wheeler waited in the bedroom of this bungalow.  Ninja Hassan Wheeler came out of the rear bedroom holding a gun and wearing a red bandana.  Jenkins described how Ninja Hassan Wheeler fired the gun at Mr. Green and then shot him again after he fell to the ground.  They rifled through his pockets and ran from the house.  Coincidentally the red bandana was found at the crime scene.

JENKINS was then arrested and has been indicted by a Chatham County Grand Jury for murder, armed robbery and numerous other charges.

Until  today Ninja Hassan Wheeler was still at large. Police have obtained a murder warrant, but US Marshals had not been able to locate him.   Ninja Hassan Wheeler is from Trenton, NJ and was only in Savannah, Ga for a short time prior to his commission of this murder.

Stephen Green, the victim in this case and was born and raised in Savannah Georgia and attended Chatham County public schools.  He was self employed as property owner and a well respected person in the community and attended church regularly.  He was the fifth child in a large family from the Savannah area.  During a business deal a couple of years ago Steven was robbed and shot, while selling clothes.  Due to these injuries Steven had to use a walking cane to get around and was found with this at the crime scene.