For Immediate Release

 SAVANNAH, GA (October 28, 2010): The Chatham Savannah Animal Control needs your help.

 The Chatham Savannah Animal Control is over capacity, “we have about 70 animals we could euthanize” said Lieutenant Boulware, the director of the facility,

“but I’d rather try and find them a home and keep them as long as possible”.   

Food is budgeted for the facility, but with them being well over capacity they have run dangerously low on food, and really need donations.  

If you would like to help you can drop off donations at their location, 7215 Sallie Mood Drive, or call 351-6750. 

Another way to help…stop by and take a look at all the great pets that need a forever home, and adopt one!  

 Check them out online