SAVANNAH, GA (August 31, 2018) – Three Savannah Police officers were the first on scene of a residential fire on Aug. 30 and worked quickly to rescue a 39-year-old woman who was inside the home.

Around 2:40 p.m. Officers Terrell Truitt, Ian Gallagher and Shaquille Brown were dispatched to a residential fire in the 1000 block of Porter Street. Dispatch advised the officers that one person was inside the residence and couldn’t get out because of the thick smoke. The officers were the first on scene and could hear the woman’s cries for help from inside the residence.

Officer Gallagher attempted to enter the front of the residence but was unable to enter because of the thick smoke and heat from the fire. Officers Truitt and Brown went to the side of the residence and located the woman inside the home. The three officers worked together to pull her out of a side window before firefighters arrived. The woman and officers were not injured.

“Without hesitation, the patrol officers showed courage and performed heroically to save the life of a Savannah citizen,” said Capt. Cary Hill, commander of the Northwest Precinct. “We could not be more proud!”

This is the second time this year that Officer Brown has helped rescue someone from a fire. In January, he and two other officers responded to a fire on Augusta Avenue and helped to rescue a resident. Earlier this month, Officer Brown and the two other officers received the Lifesaving Medal as a result of this incident.

Shaquille Brown

Ian Gallagher

Terrell Truitt