K9 Jas sits in a K9 cruiser equipped with a Ace K9 Heat Alarm System donated by Georgia Police K9 Foundation.

SAVANNAH, GA (June 9, 2020) – The Savannah Police Department received two K9 Heat Alarms for K9 cruisers thanks to the Georgia Police K9 Foundation. The two donated alarms will be outfitted in SPD cruisers for K9s Sam and Oscar.

“This is an essential item for the department in ensuring the safety of our K9s,” said Sgt. Eric Dukarski, of the SPD K9 Unit. “It’s that extra bit of security we have in ensuring that our K9s are safe in the vehicle in the Georgia heat, which can become deadly in a matter of minutes. This provides peace of mind for our officers in protecting their four-legged partners.”

Prior to receiving the alarms, the K-9 Unit had outdated systems that only worked within certain distances; however, the Ace K9 Heat Alarm System includes extra features that increase safety measures. The handler is able to monitor the vehicle’s temperature on his cell phone through an app.  The temperature monitoring system sends out S.O.S. text, as well as, calls the handlers, canine sergeant, and dispatchers if the temperature inside the vehicle gets to a temperature that is still safe, yet approaching unsafe conditions. The system actives a horn honk, siren, light bar activation and rolls down both back windows and the fan is activated.

The systems are valued at $1,200 each.

The Georgia Police K9 Foundation is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit that raises awareness in the state of the contributions made by police K9s. The foundation provides equipment to law enforcement agencies that include bullet-proof vests, heat alarms and Narcan kits. It also provides retirement support, which includes food and medical care, for retired K9s when needed.

This the second donation of Ace K9 Heat Alarm Systems that the department has received. Last year K9s Dooly and Jas received the systems in their cruisers. The department has also received numerous K9 ballistics vests.