SAVANNAH, GA (October 22, 2021) – Today the Savannah Police Department gathered to celebration the promotion and graduation of officers at a ceremony at the Marriott Savannah Riverfront.

Sixteen officers were officially inducted into the Savannah Police Department and were ceremoniously pinned with their official SPD badge by a loved one.

The new officers have successfully completed 11 weeks of state mandated training at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center and an additional four weeks of specialized training at SPD’s Patrol School. Today they took their oath of office. Their loved ones took turns on the stage pinning their SPD badges on their chest for the first time.

Chief Roy Minter took a moment before his speech to acknowledge many of the unique qualities of the class. Officer Marco Barahona speaks three languages. Officers Jaymi Blake and Tyler Harpe are homegrown, growing up in Savannah. Officer John and Lacy Florio are husband and wife, who decided to join the department after completing service together in the Air Force. Officer Noah Medina is the son of a retired SPD officer, and Officer Jared Schott is the brother of a current SPD officer. Other officers achieved academic and physical fitness achievements in the academy.

In addition, two officers, who were promoted to the rank of sergeant, were officially pinned by a loved one. The new sergeants were promoted in July, but due to prior obligations, were unable to attend the previous ceremony.

“This is a vocational calling unlike any other – to be a police officer,” City Manager Jay Melder said to the graduates and promotees. “The badge you receive today and the uniform you wear is more of a symbol of this city than anything I could ever put on or do as a city manager or anything any of our elected leaders could do or put on in their position as well. Your badges holds an immense amount of responsibility and I thank you for answering that calling.”



  • Sgt. Kaishawn Samuell
  • Sgt. Ronald Smith



  • Marco Barahona
  • Jaymi Blake
  • Dallas DeLong
  • Lacy Florio
  • John Florio
  • Tyler Harpe
  • Austin Hensley
  • Gregory Jackson
  • Andrew Kinner
  • Noah Medina
  • Andrew Mohan
  • John Ostrikis
  • Michael D. Ramirez
  • Ashlee Ratel
  • Jared Schott
  • Shawn Wilson